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  • I bought some roof rack xterra decals from you back in February I think. anyways, I am about to paint the rack and I kind of want to use bedliner, do u think your decal will stick to like rustoleum bedliner, or should I use a regular non bedliner paint?
    creepy! its SoulSaege. I need a sticker made for my bike. the guy before me painted something on it i want covered up and something else on top. let me know if youre interested, i can send pics measurements and more details.
    Hey creepy - I need an arrow that comes down a little, then turns right at a 90 degree angle and points at another sticker. Check out my build thread, recent post showing goneMOAB trails. I need the arrow to extend down from rugged rocks sticker and point at Kane creek canyon (since I broke my motor mount there and replaced it with rugged rocks motor mount). Let me know what you think I can send measurements.
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