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    Sept 2021 The We Did A Thing | 12° North Industries

    We picked up a 2005 Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 for the purposes of a special products build, a DEMO vehicle from start to finish. Is there ever a finish? We were sad to see our 2013 Xterra go away before we really got started on it in the beginning but with this white on grey 2005 Xterra. As you...
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    July 2021 Parts & Outdoor Gear | 12° North Industries

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    Jul 2021 Nissan Parts & Gear | 12° North Industries

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    RPM ACT - What is it..?

    Flame throwing because....? It's not even controversial, well outside of giving an un-regulated alphabet agency an inch and they take a mile precept. How bad is it when adults can't have a dialog on a topic, especially one where businesses and assets are being siezed, jobs lost, and the...
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    RPM ACT - What is it..?

    RPM ACT - what is it? The RPM ACT is a movement against the EPA and the recent regulatory actions that will prevent modification of personal vehicles for the intent of racing or modifying for off-road use. What direction, impact? Multiple congressmen are working to help the American Automotive...
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    Mar 2021 Gear Sale | 12° North Industries

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    Feb 2021 | Featured Blog Article - 2022 Nissan Frontier

    No worries, I can only get in on the work computers myself with that. Totally get it. No personal FB or Twatter, Just got rid of [mostly] the gmail account, don't particularly need/want a discuss account.. Yupp, We tent to ride more towards the side of privacy usually here. Even Social media...
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    Feb 2021 | Featured Blog Article - 2022 Nissan Frontier

    Would love it if you wouldn't mind taking a moment to copy/paste that comment on the article page itself too.. We would love to see it spur up some engagement and dialog ; ) Nissan's trans issues seem to be focalized around their CVT transmissions and heat control issues.. Somehow that's one of...
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    Feb 2021 | Featured Blog Article - 2022 Nissan Frontier

    Definitely agree with this.... #savethemanuals
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    Jan 2021 Parts & Gear | 12° North Industries

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    Happy Holidays...

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    Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, And Cyber Monday |

    I believe the way the embedding feature works through the site, rather than deal with a magnifier task, it opts for a scrolling feature instead to keep readability more even. At least that what it seems. But yes, landscape mode was a small bandaid, not a full solution at this time. The reason...