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  1. jmar3011
    T swap in the works on a 40 k miles X ;-)
  2. XterraRising
    I Like Cheese
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  3. Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison JeffPro4x
    Thank You JeffPro4x
  4. Jakob
    Jakob RM975
    Good Day!
    Just to clarify, this connector will connect "between" the computer and the vehicle harness.
  5. XterraRising
    XterraRising outback97
    Howdy, I saw your post about using unistrut for a roof rack. Clever idea. I might go that route as well. I did have an unrelated question regarding your blue Xterra though. In your picture, I can see what looks like a recovery point poking out of your front bumper. How’s it mounted?
  6. Newb
    Over my head
  7. domindart
    Obsessing over the suv
  8. NateGX
  9. AZJDesertPro-4X
    Needs Armor and Lift!
  10. sharps_74
    Awaiting the next gun show and prepping for the shooting range.
  11. Richard
    Just keeping busy........
  12. Poppy
    New to the group
  13. Cameron Coles
    Cameron Coles
    Pulling my hair out! My X won't move.
  14. Kirzzy
    Nissan dreams are DEAD. All hail Toyota
  15. TheCrabby1
    Lobster on your piano is better than Crab's on your organ !!
  16. kryter
    kryter Prime
    Hello J saw something about lighting way back when are you a fellow electrician?
    1. Prime
      I could be. But my profession is low voltage
      Mar 14, 2020
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  17. 603Knight
  18. crazikyle
    Always waiting on boxes
  19. Darren foster
    Darren foster
    Moved to Burgaw N.C. now own 2 Xterras. 2010 and a 2007.
  20. SCTSMN
    for sale sad to part with but DC traffic commute with 3 pedals is too much for this old man! Listed everywhere
  21. SCTSMN
    For Sale
  22. OffRdX
    Deployed, again...more X monies!
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  23. gregory lavy
    gregory lavy
    need help in lifting my Xtera, and the necessary part numbers for shocks (bilsteins ) and do I need upper control arms if I have a 3 inch l
  24. TheCrabby1
    Growing old is mandatory , Growing up is a mod that I can't afford !!
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  25. Sam Shirzad
  26. Smileyshaun
    Where there’s a welder there’s a way
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  27. DaveX2
    Sold my 2002 Sc last spring missed it so much I bought a 2015 Pro4 X. It shares the garage with my 350Z Roadster.
  28. Shadowdragon
  29. 12° North Industries
    12° North Industries
    Thankful for the momentum our Nissan family has given us... Thank you
  30. h8zgray
    Resist the urge to be an A$$hole...
  31. hexterra
    32" C-load duratracs or 33" E-load?
  32. Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank
    Are we there yet?
  33. Kirzzy
    Ag, moving again......
  34. scoyoc
    Can't wait until Friday!
  35. bigjim247365
    if you think this is bad, you should see me on Discord
  36. Zerksy
    Fixin' the old X up
  37. Hetzer
    Hetzer Richard
    Awesome. I wish I could trade places with you. It's been too long since I've been to the P.I. Maybe next year.
  38. Richard
    Here in the Philippines heading to Boracay today for fun, sun, golf and......................
  39. Bow_Tied
    Probably but I doubt it.
  40. Paul Gill
    Paul Gill
    I need help with my Nissan X