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    Xterra rescues Ford F150
  2. kirk
    Im saying words in a box where people say words because i dont know why this word box is here and it says i still have 21 characters but
  3. clearwater01
    clearwater01 lizardking
    new to site would like to find a good off road front bumper that has no gaurds on it .
  4. quattro4ks
    New here. Used this forum fir help doing my 1st gen clutch.
  5. Paul Hurst
    Paul Hurst
    own a 2003 Xterra - rear wheel drive - love it.
  6. Fyrftr007
    Fyrftr007 Maxterra
    Are you the bumper builder? I have questions!
  7. Bushnut
    Bushnut Oldfart
    Like I said in public. The wife and I + large dog are headed to Winnipeg before May long. Traveling in convoy with us is my best friend and his dog in a 04 Xterra. We are looking for cool places to stop and see as well as free places to camp along the way. If you are interested or know of a nice spot send me a PM.
    1. Oldfart
      I have a quiet back yard equipped with fire pit. Hopefully the snow will melt before then lol. We have had over 11ft this year lol. As long as I am not working, you are welcome to set up here.
      Mar 14, 2019
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  8. Red Two
    Red Two
    Noob from FL. Enjoying my 04’ XE bought in the fall. Enjoying the modding bug for the first time!
  9. Extraterrain
    gathering knowledge
  10. Extraterrain
    Extraterrain E6V6I6L
    What kind of time frame would i be looking at for a SAS build for a 1.5 Gen X? just a ballpark figure bc i'd imagine your shop is super busy! thanks
  11. SpecialWarr
    Leaf springs good, clutch good, new flywheel (very good!), steering rack good. Damn.... wheel bearing just crapped out... when will it end?
  12. Dash
  13. Noah Reighard
    Noah Reighard
    Xterra owner for about a year. looking to keep mine relatively stock with little extra things to set it apart from the crowd
  14. Bad03SE
    Just got a high lift jack and some tube mounts for Christmas!
  15. OL' BLUE
  16. Jose Blazquez-Olano
  17. lupuslefou
    Winter mods: install AC's SS brake lines, LED the dashboard lights, wire/install VisonX 24" light bar, tension pulley bearings, "Big Three"
  18. lupuslefou
    Enduring this Michigan winter by catching up on some mods
  19. Ray
    mudding in my X...
  20. Kelly Dobbs
    Kelly Dobbs
    03 X won’t run. Engine light is flashing indicating serious misfire. New timing belt & distributor been in shop since bought last Marchhelp
  21. Weippegirl
    The spice must flow
  22. RevX36
    If it's Paved. It ant worth driving on!
  23. Chevy
    How do you post pics ?
  24. Chevy
    Looking forward to trailing on sat . Hopefully my fog lights will be in by then
  25. Kiltcod
    Kiltcod Rhaas
    Hi I am new to the forum, but I wanted to buy your seat covers. Did you get my address? If not I can send it to you again.
  26. mantree
    Wheel, break, fix, repeat
  27. Cptpackrat
    Did the servers get changed? Im getting an error message when I try to upload images
  28. SpecialWarr
    Stock leaf spring: broken.... time for an upgrade?
  29. dixie1865
    dixie1865 Cptpackrat
    I saw there were some bad storms out by you. Everything Ok?
    1. Cptpackrat
      Yup, was about 3-4 miles away. A couple building destroyed and 2 injuries. Im a little disapointed since I didnt even see the damn tornado
      Jun 2, 2018
  30. FlightMedic
    Dragging my X back from near extinction...
  31. Dmilli0501
    First time owner, long time admirer!
  32. SpecialWarr
    285/75/R16s are niiiiice and beefy!
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  33. Roy
    Roy Cptpackrat
    I was told to ask you about making my own rock slider
    1. Cptpackrat
      Yeah, sorry just now seeing this. What did you need to know?
      May 26, 2018
  34. Roy
    Roy harryron
    Is he on here
  35. Roy
    i have a 04 xterra
  36. kirk
  37. Fromfrontier2Xterra
  38. bigjim247365
    THICC thighs save lives
  39. kirk
    cough cough
  40. BlesstheX