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Trail rated boots

SnickerDoodle Mar 25, 2013

  1. SnickerDoodle

    SnickerDoodle Life's Better Seeing Pink Super Moderator Founding Member

    Williamstown NJ
    I have been looking for a decent looking pair of boots for the trails. I currently rock regular old black garden boots with a soft inner sock. I'm looking for something a bit more versatile though as they get super cold in the winter and they make my feet sweat in the summer.

    What do you girls rock on the trails?

    ( i loved Kellys lace up/knee high boots from the JeepSkool run)
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  2. XTorrey

    XTorrey First Fill-Up (of many)

    Grand Junction, CO
    They aren't exactly cute, but I have a pair of Dickies boots for some trail stuff. Cabelas has some really cute boots that I've been eyeing (especially in the Bargain Cave!) but I'm cheap so I haven't bought any. Maybe browse their online selection and see what the reviews say?

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