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  1. Cptpackrat
    I want to build a 4 wheel steering setup.... that is all
  2. Alien
  3. SpecialWarr
    Hey... 15" rims from a Nissan 720 fit over the brakes!
  4. bottobro
    Traffic blows
  5. Scout
    Hello everyone! I'm in dire need of a right rear drum brake backing plate. Part # 44030-8Z300. These have been discontinued by Nissan.
  6. domindart
    Where da hell are the pictures thread!?!?
  7. slantyshanty
    Yup, you just looked at 'em
  8. slantyshanty
  9. granitex
    granitex xterror04
    Luke, what springs did you end up running up front? Still in the process of piling parts and weighing pros and cons of different sets.
  10. Southpaw
    At work or gym
  11. RedX00
    red xterra
  12. Gnrlee80
    Farming and Drinking. Loving it
  13. Gnrlee80
    I own 2 Gen 1 rigs. Both are XEModels and silver. 2003 manual and a 2004 automatic.
  14. TonyD
    If you ain't off-roadin' in the Rocky Mountains in a Nissan, it ain't worth your time!!
  15. TonyD
    Off-Roadin' in the Rockies!!
  16. RedX00
    1st gen all the way
  17. RedX00
    xterras rules
  18. RedX00
    hello xterras members
  19. JeffPro4x
    What's with the knife? We havin cake or somethin?
  20. OffRdX
    I was promised punch and pie...
    1. Fromfrontier2Xterra
      I'll give you a punch and pie.
      Jul 23, 2017
  21. harryron
    harryron thecoalition
    Did you figure it out?
  22. ElPincheGuero4
    It is what it is, grow a beard.
  23. smithk1111
  24. Darude
  25. TheFauxFox
    I dun like change.
  26. Joey
    Blown motor, were can I find a alternator snorkel?
  27. Joey
    Joey SnickerDoodle
    I'm in the **** with a gauge install. Do you know how to remove the bottom kick plate on the driverside or can you point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  28. 01XterraPhilly
    the lights are bright. Im not flipping them on when Im on the main roads, only on the backroads in the mountains or down at the beach. once I see headlights i turn them off. cops dont give a eff because jeepers have them all the time. like 1 out of 3 jeeps have a 50" light bar and pods. they arent getting hassled. Ive been pulled over and never been asked about it. the only time Ive had to cover them up was for inspection. Nothing a plastic bag cant handle. anyway, I can do this sunday. Preferably late morning like 10am or so. the cat food is Royal Canin Urinary SO in the 17lb bag. its like $65 my price.
  29. Bile
    Bile 01XterraPhilly
    Canine? No wonder, your feeding him dog food. Lmao!!!
    I assume you meant feline. I will see what I can come up with.
    Thats right! I helped chop off his winky. Lol.
    My next day off wont be til Sunday.
    What did you mean about Tuesday??
    Oh yeah, you never answered me about your light. How bright is it? Im thinkin bout gettin one. BUT, I read a PA law about them having to be covered on public roads. Have you ever been hassled by John Q Law for having it?
  30. Shoko78
    Hello group, I have a doubt , I have a 02 xterra 2wd and I raised the front 3'' and I wanna put some new wheels, my question is what would be a good offset for my xterra?
  31. mikesbaron
    mikesbaron mac11
    Do you have those gen 1 taillights still available?
  32. jg8992
    jg8992 mkgearhead
    Awesome thanks
  33. mkgearhead
    mkgearhead jg8992
  34. jg8992
    jg8992 mkgearhead
    I like that radio you got man who makes it?
  35. Beefyneck
    Welcome I'm new
  36. Jrat73
    Thanks for the add
  37. ThompsonXterra
  38. tjxt01
    Ok I'm looking for a 2" lift kit for my Xterra, so if anyone finds anything holler at me please.
  39. BLUE-X-979
    BLUE-X-979 Fromfrontier2Xterra
    I will also be doing the res delete this weekend as well
  40. BLUE-X-979
    BLUE-X-979 Fromfrontier2Xterra
    Thanks man, have anything new on your x, ive added led headlights,fog lights, and another 24" bar on mine